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Toy Gift Pack

Toy Gift Pack

Save 25% with our Toy Gift Pack.

Cuddly 'Puddle the Duck' Toy
Our gorgeous soft duck toy is perfect for cuddling!

Puddle Ducks Rubber Duck
Bring the fun of your child's swim lessons home to create bath-time happiness!

Duck Puppet Bath Mitt
Our much loved glove puppet as used in our swim lessons!


This fabulous Toy Gift Pack contains all of our most popular Puddle Ducks toys for one fantastic price, saving you more than 25% off individual prices!

·       Our super cute Cuddly 'Puddle the Duck' Toy is made from the softest of fabrics and has been rigorously tested to ensure it's safe for any age from birth upwards.

·       Our Puddle Ducks Rubber Duck features in our lessons and our TV ads! It's suitable from birth, is latex free and has no hole in it which means no horrible black gunk getting trapped inside!

·       Our Duck Puppet Bath Mitt is used in many of our lessons and is perfect for bath-time fun at home. It's suitable from birth and is designed to fit most adult hands. 

 *Not to be used for commercial purposes*