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Swim Academy Milestone Cards

Swim Academy Milestone Cards

Capture those amazing moments!


Capture the special moments of your child’s Swim Academy journey with our awesome milestone cards! Each pack contains 6 double sided cards, measuring 23x16cm, which provide you with 11 amazing milestone moments. The 12th side of the card details the Swim Academy journey so you can see where your child is up to and also look ahead to see what other milestones they will hit on their swimming adventure.

These cards aren't for the first time your child does an activity, they're for every time they're an absolute swimming star and try their hardest! There's space for a date that you can wipe clean and use again and again!

Once you've got a picture of your swimming star, we'd love you to upload it on social media including the hashtag #swimmingmilestones, and we'll help you show off by sharing it!

The 'milestones' included in the pack are as follows:

A star at breaststroke.

A star at front crawl.

A star at backstroke.

A star at butterfly.

A hand standing star.

A star with dolphin leg kicks.

A somersaulting star. Today I sculled like a star.

A diving star.

A life-saving star.

A pyjama swimming star.