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Puddle Ducks Baby Wrap

Puddle Ducks Baby Wrap

Available for ages 0 to 18 months.

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Our very own Puddle Ducks Baby Wrap wetsuit is the perfect solution for wriggly babies and toddlers. Made from 2mm thick neoprene to provide the best core body warmth, it leaves legs and arms free to kick and splash without restriction, so babies can enjoy the feeling of the water around them, without feeling the cold.

The Baby Wrap opens completely flat so dressing and undressing is simple. Lay your baby down on top of the open wrap and fold the sides up around them, using the strong Velcro style fastenings to keep it tight around their body. These fastenings mean that the Baby Wrap is fully adjustable so it will fit for several months.

Not only will the neoprene provide warmth whilst in the water, but it also offers a non-slip base for you to safely hold your baby in and out of the water.

Size Guide:

Small (0-6 months): Chest – 45 to 48cm, Hips to Crotch – 38 to 41cm

Medium (6-18 months): Chest – 49 to 53cm, Hips to Crotch – 42 to 45cm.