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Puddle Ducks Starter Pack
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Puddle Ducks Starter Pack - with NappyWrap

Just what you need for our Baby & Pre-school swim classes!

Puddle Ducks Neoprene Swim Nappy
Perfect for our swim classes!

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Swim NappyWrap & Liners
Eco-friendly, great value alternative to disposable swim nappies!

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Puddle Ducks Waterproof Bag
Lots of room for everything you and your little one need at the pool!


Just what you need for your first swim class with Puddle Ducks! Each pack contains a fantastic Puddle Ducks neoprene swim nappy in a choice of pink or blue, a waterproof shoulder bag, more than big enough for all your swimming kit, an eco-friendly NappyWrap and a pack of 25 disposable nappy liners. Here's a bit more information about each product:

Our Puddle Ducks neoprene swim nappy is made from 1mm supple, stretchy neoprene (like a wetsuit) and finished with super soft, snug fitting, deep bands of fabric. It is comfortable yet ensures all 'little accidents' stay inside the nappy! Please choose from the following Puddle Ducks swim nappy sizes: Small - 0/3 months, waist 34-41cm, thigh circ 17-22cm. Medium - 3/6 months, waist 37-44cm, thigh circ 19-24cm. Large - 6/12 months, waist 40-47cm, thigh circ 20-26cm. XL - 1/2 years, waist 42-50cm, thigh circ 22-31cm.  XXL, 2/3 years, waist 44-52cm, thigh circ 26-33cm.

Our lovely soft white cotton 'NappyWrap' swim nappy and pack of 25 nappy liners are designed to be used underneath the neoprene swim nappy in order to comply with our 'double nappy' policy. This applies to all children who are not yet fully toilet trained. How to use: Place a liner, folded to fit, on your opened 'NappyWrap'. Place baby on top and wrap the 'NappyWrap' around them and then fasten with the velcro. Pop your neoprene swim nappy on top and you are off! The 'NappyWrap' should fit below the waistband of the neoprene swim nappy rather than under it and it should be undone to remove. The velcro doesn’t have to overlap exactly. It should be fastened to be a comfortable fit rather than a tight fit as it is just to make cleaning easier. It is the neoprene swim nappy that does the main work of preventing leaks. After use: Remove your neoprene swim nappy and rinse well in cool water. Remove the NappyWrap and tip any solid contents into the loo. Dispose of the used liner in a nappy bag in the bin. The NappyWrap can be washed in the machine or by hand. Dry away from direct light and heat. If you want to use again immediately just roll in a towel and squeeze. Please choose from the following 'NappyWrap' sizes: XS/S - 0/4 months. M/L - 3/14 months. XL/XXL - 12 months/Toddler.

Our Puddle Ducks bag is perfect for carrying all the things that you and your little one will need at the pool! With long webbing handles it can be carried on your shoulder or in your hand and has an internal zipped pocket for extra security. Made from waterproof eco-friendly polypropylene, it's perfect for wet changing room floors!

Size: 47x35cm approx.