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Warm In One Wetsuit - White Birds

Warm In One Wetsuit - White Birds

Available for ages from 0 to 24 months.


This 'Warm In One' wetsuit has long sleeves and legs and is fleece lined for extra warmth. It's perfect for children that are sensitive to cooler pools and will significantly extend the time that they are happy to spend in the water. Made from super soft 3mm neoprene, it is designed to block in barrier cream for those that need it so is great for babies with sensitive skin conditions such as Eczema. There are no changing room traumas as it is easy to put on and take off due to the deep back velcro opening which also provides plenty of growing room. Wear with one of our Puddle Ducks neoprene swim nappies with an 'Eco Swim NappyWrap & Liner' (or a disposable swim nappy) underneath to fully comply with our double nappy policy. Pale blue with 'Noah's Ark' print side panels.

Sizes: S (0-3 mths) Chest 48cm, Shoulder to crotch 33cm. M (3-6 mths) Chest 51cm, Shoulder to crotch 34cm. L (6-12 mths) Chest 54.5cm. Shoulder to crotch 37cm. XL (12-24 mths) Chest 57.5cm, Shoulder to crotch 40.5cm.

PLEASE NOTE: Thermal wear, such as this, is great at providing extra warmth for your child at pools that feel a little on the cool side due to cooler water or air temperatures e.g. local leisure centres.They should not, however, be used in hydrotherapy pools or pools generally operating at 32deg C or above as there is a risk of little ones overheating. Please seek the advice of your Puddle Ducks swimming teacher.

What our customers think: " We love this. I would highly recommend this product, especially if your child is on the smaller side and if the pool you are using can be on the colder side.  My 9 month old is small and he really feels the cold, he is a lot happier in the pool and moves his arms and legs more when he wears this suit.  The suit covers his arms and legs and fits snugly around his neck to ensure that he stays as warm as possible. The suit is so easy to get on and off and fits perfectly over the neoprene swim nappies.  The suit has Velcro fastening, which makes it easy and quick to get on and off.  However, I have often got the Velcro stuck on other parts of the suit and unfortunately the material has ‘pulled’ as the Velcro is really strong. Once you have used the wetsuit, it just needs rinsing out with cold water, so it is so easy to look after aswell." Kate - Shrewsbury