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Baby Wetsuit with sleeves - by Close

Pop-in Baby Cosy Suit

0-12 mths multi prints


These gorgeous Pop-in Baby Cosy Suits by Close are ideal all year round. They'll keep your little one snug and warm in the water for longer due to their soft fleecy lining. They also provide UPF 50+ protection so are perfect out in the sun. They're easy to get on and off as they have a full front velcro opening.

*To comply with our Double Nappy policy you must use a separate neoprene, or similar fabric, swim nappy with an Eco Swim NappyWrap & Liner or disposable swim nappy underneath, with this garment.

Available in Whale, Turtle, Kokeshi Doll or Monkey prints.

Small: Waist 40cm, body length 36cm, chest 20.5cm, top of thigh 23cm. Approximate age 0/6 months.

Medium: Waist 44cm, body length 38cm, chest 22cm, top of thigh 26cm. Approximate age 6/12 months.

What our customers think: "Lovely design and great colours. Soft to touch, smooth and silky. Fleece lining lovely and soft for baby skin. After 12 uses - still almost as new. Appears much the same as when we received it. Fabric still has real quality feel. No bobbling where velcro has been misplaced. And no bobbling on the outer suit. One seam on the wrist has started to fray but only on very close inspection. Whilst great at retaining heat we found on 2 occasions (whilst abroad in Gran Canaria and at swim lessons) that Anna was a little too warm but it was easily rectified by just opening the velcro. Out of all the garment designs in the range of swimwear, this was not my favourite when viewing online but it's definitely cuter and more appealing to see in front of me rather than on the internet. And on Anna it looked great. I would say that the images online do not do the suits justice. Anna is between the 50th and 75th centile and whilst this fits on the body it's a struggle to get it over her legs and bum, however this does ensure against leaks and Anna seemed comfortable enough. Not sure if this will last till 12 months though." Katie - Puddle's Panel of Testers member