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Happy Nappy Wetsuit - Garden Delight

Pretty baby wetsuit with built-in swim nappy and mid-length sleeves from ages 0 to 24 months

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This gorgeous Garden Delight print award-winning Happy Nappy wetsuit is made of a fine, soft and flexible 1mm neoprene, double lined with strong nylon making it more lightweight than our other baby wetsuits and perfect for babies who require a softer snug fit. It also has the added benefit of a built in 'Happy Nappy' swim nappy so contains any little 'accidents' that may occur in the pool! Wear with a disposable swim nappy or one of our environmentally friendly NappyWrap & Liners underneath to fully comply with our swim lessons' double nappy policy. The Happy Nappy wetsuit has a deep zip back opening for ease of dressing and has mid length sleeves. It gives solidity to your baby making it easier for you to hold them in the water (less slippy!), protects barrier cream for those who require it and provides SPF 50+ sun protection.

Sizes: S - 0/4 months, 3/6kg (6-13lbs), waist 40cm, shoulder to crotch 33.5cm, chest 42cm. M - 3/8 months, 6/11kg (13-24lbs), waist 43cm, shoulder to crotch 36cm, chest 45cm. L - 6/14 months, 10/15kg (22-33lbs), waist 46cm, shoulder to crotch 38cm, chest 50cm. XL - 12/24 months, 13/18kg (29-40lbs), waist 48cm, shoulder to crotch 42cm, chest 50cm. XXL - Toddler, 16+kg (35+lbs), waist 49cm, shoulder to crotch 46cm, chest 53cm.

Top tips for getting the wetsuit on:

1) Roll down top half of wetsuit

2) Pull on the happy nappy

3) Roll top half of wetsuit back up

4) Insert arms and zip at the back.

PLEASE NOTE: Thermal wear, such as this, is great at providing extra warmth for your child at pools that feel a little on the cool side due to cooler water or air temperatures e.g. local leisure centres.  They should not, however, be used in hydrotherapy pools or pools generally operating at 32deg C or above as there is a risk of little ones overheating. Please seek the advice of your Puddle Ducks swimming teacher.