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New Happy Nappy - blue animal print

Happy Nappy - noah's ark

0/3mths - 2/3yrs

Colour :

Size :

·         Unique 3-dimensional shape.

·         Comfortable, secure, ergonomic fit to ensure 'accidents' are held safely inside!

·         Wear with an Eco-friendly NappyWrap & Liner underneath, or a disposable swim nappy, to comply with our double nappy policy.

·         Cute pale blue animal print.

·         Sizes:

o   Small - 0/3 months approx., 34-41cm waist, 17-22cm thigh circ.

o   Medium - 3/6 months approx., 37-44cm waist, 19-24cm thigh circ.

o   Large - 6/12 months approx., 40-47cm waist, 20-26cm thigh circ.

o   XL - 1/2 years approx., 42-50cm waist, 22-31 thigh circ.

o   XXL - 2/3 years approx., 44-52cm waist, 26-33cm thigh circ.