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Blue whale print BabyWrap baby wetsuit

Baby Wrap- vintage moby

Brilliant open-flat wetsuit to help keep babies warm!

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The award-winning BabyWrap mini wetsuit by 'SplashAbout' keeps babies warm in the water and prevents the chills when getting out of the water. It gives solidity to the body making parents surer of their grip when holding the child, protects barrier cream for those who require it and is a total sun block. The unique design opens completely flat for ease of dressing and adjustment so that you can enjoy a no-fuss changing room experience. Made from 3 mm soft and supple neoprene (the material used for wetsuits) with a tough layer of nylon either side. The BabyWraps are fully bound and fasten together on the front and back shoulders with generous sections of very strong but flexible velcro. This allows you to ensure the BabyWrap fits your child perfectly, as well as allowing for some growing-room flexibility. Wear over one of our Puddle Ducks neoprene swim nappies with a disposable swim nappy or one of our environmentally friendly 'NappyWrap & liners' underneath to fully comply with our swim lessons' double nappy policy. Pale blue whale print.

Sizes: (Please note the ages are a guide only) S - 0/6 months, chest 44cm, shoulder to crotch 36-40cm. M - 6/18 months, chest 46cm, shoulder to crotch 40-44cm. L - 18/30 months, chest 56cm, shoulder to crotch 42-46cm.

PLEASE NOTE: Thermal wear, such as this, is great at providing extra warmth for your child at pools that feel a little on the cool side due to cooler water or air temperatures e.g. local leisure centres. They should not, however, be used in hydrotherapy pools or pools generally operating at 32deg C or above as there is a risk of little ones overheating. Please seek the advice of your Puddle Ducks swimming teacher.